Nowadays, designing digital products is a tough job. Design is becoming more and more diverse and complex, and just following the same old frameworks and methodologies won’t cut it. In order to tackle the complex problems today, we need to be more creative and imaginative. What we need to do is to have more fun designing the harder things, and enjoy the chaos we face.

We tend to label everything with what we know, and feel comfortable squeezing things into the same old mold. Maybe it’s a color you have never seen before. Maybe it’s something you just can’t describe with your vocabulary. Maybe it’s a career that’s just not common and too scary to proceed.

There are lots of things that get lost in translation, but what got lost in between, the little room of space might be the very creativity we are looking for. And I think that embracing this uncertainty, is the key to designing the ever complex world we face today.

Spectrum Tokyo is not a place to debate what is design and what is not. We’re not those serious-type websites with hardcore literature. We are here to show that there are as many ways of design as there are people, and to encourage designers to not worry too much on the correct answers. We’re here for a much more, casual take on design.

I named this magazine “Spectrum” because the idea of embracing all the gradient and ambient colors seemed like a good start for us to stop labeling or being labeled.

OK, enough poetry.

After all, I guess I just want to have more fun talking about design.
Looking forward to all the story that awaits.

Ryo Sampei
Editor-in-Chief / Producer of Spectrum Tokyo

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