Announcing Spectrum Tokyo Design Fest 2022, Call for Speakers and Sponsors

We are proud to announce “Spectrum Tokyo Design Fest 2022“, a design conference happening December 9th-10th in Tokyo. This conference will be held in-person & online.

About the conference

Spectrum Tokyo Design Fest is a two-day design festival by Spectrum Tokyo, a design community broadening the perspectives in digital design.

Various presentations and workshops related to design will be held on multiple tracks, and there will be an open space for mingling with booths, snacks and drinks (details may change due to pandemic situations). Participants can meet, discuss and connect with design practitioners regardless of field, occupation, or nationality.

Nowadays, we see many design discussions taking place on social media. However, we seem to all fall into our filter bubbles and echo chambers – talking about pretty much the same thing with same people. Needless to say, inspirations are essential to design, but you can get so much of them out of your narrow network.

As the name suggests, Spectrum Tokyo Design Fest is a festival of design, and we want to make it a casual but fruitful event where everyone can meet new people, perspectives, and ideas; Break out of their own shells and find new motivations for design.

Most content by local speakers will be in Japanese, but we are planning to provide English translations, in-person and online.

The Venue

The conference will be held at an open space at‘s Office in Roppongi, Tokyo. Our team has already worked with with this spring, as we also co-produced Design Matters Tokyo 22, a Scandinavian design conference. We have gained experience in producing events during these uncertain times, and we are confident we can do another one with again.

Design Matters Tokyo 22 held in May (image : Twitter)

Their office has a great open space which matches the image we have for Spectrum Tokyo Design Fest. We hope to make this space comfortable for many discussions to spur and spark, making an extraordinary experience for all.

The Theme

“Broadening Design, Expanding Possibilities”

The definition of the word “Design” is becoming broader day by day. When we talk about design, we now talk about various things, not just arts and visuals. Design is not just for designers anymore, and anyone can talk about design.

Spectrum Tokyo is a community platform for people involved in digital design. What we think is exciting now is that more and more digital designers are going out to make a change in the real world; Making an impact on the society with design and making good use of technology.

Now that more digital solutions blend in with our physical lives, it is a big challenge for developers to know both areas and design holistic experiences. But here is a chance for us to find new possibilities and broaden our perspectives in design.

We, at Spectrum Tokyo believe that there are as many ways of design as there are people. The same goes for this festival, as we will have many speakers and participants from various areas talking about their different perspectives and possibilities in design.

Want to Give a Talk?

We are looking for some speakers that will be interested in giving talks based on our theme above.

If you’re interested, please check the page below for further details.

Apply for Speaker

Speaker Application Deadline: September 14, Wed. 12:00 JST

Want to Sponsor?

We are also looking for sponsors that will help us carry out the event.

Spectrum Tokyo is a design community that aims to bridge Japan and the world. Although we have just launched, we are already gaining large attention from many local design practitioners because of our unique stance of being broad, inclusive and universal. We have many talents that are interested in going global as well.

If you want to gain presence in Japanese design, tech, and business scene, maybe we can help.

Please send a request for our sponsor deck below.

*Some menus are limited in numbers, so please consider soon.

Request a Sponsor Deck

Request Deadline: September 14, Wed. 12:00 JST


We look forward to seeing you in December.

Ryo Sampei
Producer of Spectrum Tokyo

Written By

Ryo Sampei

Ryo is Editor-in-Chief of Spectrum Tokyo. He works as a Producer and Content Strategist at Flying Penguins Inc., a UX design firm in Tokyo, Japan. He is also in charge of Design Matters Tokyo, a pop-up design conference from Copenhagen, Denmark. He loves video games and punk rock, both from the 90s.

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