Design Matters Tokyo 24 Special Discount Campaign

On June 5th and 6th, 2024, designers from around the world will gather in Tokyo for the global design conference, “Design Matters Tokyo 24.”

As a partner in energizing the Design Matters community in Japan, Spectrum Tokyo is implementing a special discount campaign. When you purchase tickets through Spectrum Tokyo’s link, the ticket price will be discounted by 40%. This is a limited-time offer available until January 31, 2024 → March 31, 2024, so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity and purchase your tickets.

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What is Design Matters Tokyo?

Design Matters originated as a design conference held annually in Copenhagen, Denmark, and has been cherished worldwide since 2015. Starting in 2020, the tradition expanded to Japan with the inception of “Design Matters Tokyo”.

Design Matters Tokyo follows the conventional conference format with presentations and workshops. However, instead of a formal atmosphere, the event aims to create a casual and friendly festival vibe.

As a global conference, the entire event is conducted in English, but simultaneous interpretation is provided for the talks. The lineup includes speakers not only from overseas but also from within Japan, maintaining a balanced ratio. This thoughtful approach ensures a two-way learning experience for both domestic and international participants.

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Features of Design Matters Tokyo

1. Diverse Speaker Lineup

Design Matters Tokyo boasts a speaker lineup that is rarely seen elsewhere in the world. Attendees have the opportunity to listen to talks from design practitioners excelling in various fields. What sets Design Matters Tokyo apart is the close proximity to the speakers; attendees can casually engage in conversations with them while enjoying drinks at the venue.

2. Internationally Diverse Participants

Drawing participants not only from Japan but also from around the globe, Design Matters Tokyo creates an international atmosphere. Within this setting, attendees can engage in networking sessions and exchange ideas at after-parties. This unique international experience is sure to stimulate the design sensibilities of everyone involved.

3. Challenging Themes

This year’s themes include “CRAFTSMANSHIP STRIKES BACK”, “DESIGN, WHAT’S NEXT?” and “HOW TO DESIGN A SOCIETY?” These themes pose intricate questions in the realm of design, and attendees can listen to speakers share their experiences, challenges, successes, and failures based on these three themes. For more details on the themes, please refer to this link.

Experience the Global Design Conference Right Here in Japan

In today’s challenging circumstances, with global situations and a weaker yen making overseas travel less feasible, Design Matters Tokyo offers a valuable opportunity for international interaction, particularly for those residing in Japan. Through the eyes of design practitioners gathering from both within Japan and around the world, it provides a unique opportunity to grasp the real landscape of the design industry, exploring what lies beyond the current design trends. Seize the opportunity to experience the fusion of creativity and diversity. Secure your spot at Design Matters Tokyo 24 today with this exclusive limited-time discount offer.

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