Design Talks Over Sushi and Drinks with Strategic Design Firm, Manyone

We’re excited to announce a small, intimate meetup taking place on Tuesday, May 16th, in Tokyo. This event offers a unique opportunity to chat about design while enjoying some delicious sushi with members from Manyone, a Danish strategic design firm we interviewed back in March.

This meetup is a free event, but please note that space is limited to just 20 participants. In the case of an overwhelming response, we’ll hold a lottery to select attendees. We can’t wait to see many of you there and dive into some engaging design discussions!

Secure your spot now and get ready for a fantastic evening filled with design inspiration and tasty sushi. Don’t miss out on this exclusive gathering of creative minds!


Spectrum Tokyo is a community that wishes to bring the global design scene closer to the Japanese locals. But not only learning from overseas, we also work to reveal the local Japanese design scene to the world at the same time.

And what brings the two more closer? SUSHI.

We are holding a small cozy meetup over sushi and drinks at our office with a Danish strategic design firm “Manyone”. The purpose is to exchange insights from both global and local design scenes.

Two partners from Manyone will briefly introduce Manyone, share their strategic methodology and experiences in working with organizations to drive change by design.

But this is not a seminar, so after a brief introduction, we will break out and mingle over sushi and drinks. The two from Manyone is also eager to know about the local Japanese design scene in general, so please feel free to share about what you do in general.

We will have a professional sushi chef and he will make some sushi of your choice. We hope that you come relaxed, get to know each other, and enjoy the conversation.


Date: May 16th, 2023
Time: 19:00-22:00 (18:45 open)
Place: Flying Penguins Inc.
Tickets: FREE

*Drinks and Sushi will be served at the venue


19:05-19:20Talk : How to drive change by design – Manyone
20:00-20:20Maybe some locals do lightning talk?
21:30-Wrapping up / Goodbye


Jonas Smedegaard Buus

Global Partner, Head of Hybrid Branding

Hans-Henrik Sørensen

Global Partner, Head of Manyone Aarhus

Their detailed bios here(PDF)

Some topics

  • What is Manyone and what makes it different from other design firms?
  • How Manyone works with design with a strategic methodology
  • Manyone’s experience with working with organizations and how to drive change by design


  • Please note that all the content will be in English and there will be no interpretation provided. If there are any expressions or things you would like to convey, Spectrum Tokyo staff will support you as much as possible within their capacity.
  • This event is sponsored by Manyone because they want to learn about Japan’s design industry. Please be assured that we will not engage in any recruitment, sales, or contract negotiations during the event.

Sign up

Deadline: May 14th, Sun 23:59
Lottery: May 15th, Mon 12:00 (if sign ups exceed capacity)

Written By

Ryo Sampei

Ryo is Editor-in-Chief of Spectrum Tokyo. He works as a Producer and Content Strategist at Flying Penguins Inc., a UX design firm in Tokyo, Japan. He is also in charge of Design Matters Tokyo, a pop-up design conference from Copenhagen, Denmark. He loves video games and punk rock, both from the 90s.


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