Spectrum Tokyo Festival 2023 Tickets Now Available!

Spectrum Tokyo: A Once-a-Year Festival Celebration!

The design festival, offering a diverse range of designs to explore, is back this year! Starting today, the official website up and running, ticket sales have kicked off!

Spectrum Tokyo Festival 2023
Event Website

With a diverse lineup of speakers and content, there’s every reason to get excited. In addition to the currently featured content, including unreleased sessions, you can select from a total of 35 sessions over the course of two days (and don’t worry if you miss any – you can catch up with archived recordings!).

This year, we’re offering early-bird tickets, allowing you to snag a 20% discount on a two-day pass until the end of this month. However, please note that early-bird tickets are in limited supply and will conclude at the end of October,2023, so if you’re interested, be sure to act fast!

Furthermore, this year, we’re offering a limited number of discounted tickets for students. We encourage students to join our exciting event (please be aware that due to alcohol service, participation is restricted to individuals aged 20 and above).

Lastly, we’d like to bring to your attention a small but important change: we’ve decided to update the festival’s name from “Spectrum Tokyo Design Fest” to “Spectrum Tokyo Festival.” While our commitment to sharing diverse perspectives and ideas related to design remains unwavering, we aim to dispel the notion that this is exclusively a “designer-only event.” Instead, we want to create an inclusive gathering where individuals from all professions, fields, and industries can converge. Hence, we intentionally omitted “Design” from the event name. Rest assured, our core mission and values remain unchanged!

We’re committed to ensuring that this year’s festival is a delightful experience filled with valuable insights and opportunities to connect. We eagerly await your participation!

Spectrum Tokyo Staff

Written By

Ryo Sampei

Ryo is Editor-in-Chief of Spectrum Tokyo. He works as a Producer and Content Strategist at Flying Penguins Inc., a UX design firm in Tokyo, Japan. He is also in charge of Design Matters Tokyo, a pop-up design conference from Copenhagen, Denmark. He loves video games and punk rock, both from the 90s.


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