Applying for Speaker at Spectrum Tokyo Design Fest 2022

Thanks for your interest👋

We have a couple of requirements for public speakers.

Talk Theme : Various styles and shapes of “design” and its possibilities

What kind of “design” do you work on? We are looking for various digital design cases or mindsets that go beyond pixel pushing and screens. We are now in the era of designing experiences. For what area or industry do you design? For whom do you design? How do you design? What possibilities do you see in your field of work? Share your knowledge and perspectives with us!


  • The content should be about works and projects that you’ve been involved in
    • Tell us your practical story and your learnings from it
  • The content should be aimed to give insight to others
  • Keep advertising to 30 seconds near the end, within the final slide
  • The talks can be in English or Japanese (we will have simultaneous translation for both languages)

Spectrum Tokyo features “designers” but we don’t really care much about your job title. We want to bring in broad perspectives from different areas of work, so even if you are a non-designer but you think what you do is “design”, then you are more than welcome to apply.

We have 3 types of speaker slots. If you’re undecided at the moment, you can put a check on all three.

  • 30 min talks
  • 15 min mini talks
  • 1hr~2hrs workshops

We only have limited slots for public speakers, so when we have more application than our slots, our committee will review the applications for competition.

For Speakers Outside of Japan

Those of you who want to fly in to Japan and give a talk, you are more than welcome to do so. We do not accept remote talks.

We can support:

  • preparing official invitations and documents for your visa
  • recommending ideal place for your stay

We cannot support:

  • fees for your travel and accommodation

We are looking forward to your submissions!

Speaker Application Deadline: September 14, Wed. 12:00 JST