Universal yet Cultural: Restroom Pictograms and Human Cognition

Wherever we are, we will need to be able to use a restroom at any time. The experience of finding a restroom is inescapable, but how do we find them?

2022/11/17 | by Michinari Kohno

“Let Them Sleep”, A Caring UX For Kicking Out Users in Midnight Work Calls

In this interview, we asked Fumie Hino, designer of “mocri,” a service specializing in “work calls,” about the development of this cultural shift, alongside the trial and error experienced in building the service.

2022/11/10 | by Arisa Nojima

Design can be more Diverse and Free

"Spectrum Tokyo" is a design magazine seeking for more diverse conversations in design. Our mission is to broaden the sense of design, so that more people can better design complex problems we face today.
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